Rating: 5 Stars

After seeing a friend's results, I sprinted to Beauty Freak to learn more. Tiffany is the real deal! Her passion and experience is evident in everything she does. I am a 54 year old professional w/no time for anti-aging recovery treatments. After my first 3 cryo facials, I was blown away how quickly my face responded. Went back for mini eye & forehead treatment for event that gave my tired eyes a boost. ###I love how Tiffany focuses on inner health and beauty not temporary fixes. ###I'll never get injections again. Found my new battle partner to combat physiological changes associated with aging. If you are committed to feeling and looking your best at any age, go see Tiffany and her team at Beauty Freak.


Rating: 5 Stars

Tifany is absolutely amazing, she is very thorough and explains the process clearly. I first went to try Cryo Body Sculpting and fell in love with the results. I lost inches and gained confidence, truly love all the benefits. I then tried the Cryo Facials which made my skin look youthful, brighter and my facial gave me an "instant glow" effect. My tone was more even and bright, and my skin felt firmer. It looked refreshed and I honestly felt like it reduced a lot of the surface-level inflammation I'd walked in with. Even in the days following, my skin was more radiant and vibrant. I am absolutely addicted!


Rating: 5 Stars

I absolutely loved my results. Especially the process with the lymphatic massage and the suit. I could see a major progress in my thyroid inflammation and lots of swelling went down on my belly and arms. Although my target was the belly, I could see a lot of inflammation go down on the back of my arms and on my face. Even the customer service being there was like a new them forever and they were super friendly and super helpful and gave me so much information before entering my sessions.


Rating: 5 Stars

I really enjoy going to my session. I love the results that I'm starting to see. They are very friendly and will help you in any and every way they can! I love the fact that they can explain everything as you go and what helps and how it works.


Rating: 5 Stars

I recently tried cryo body slimming with Tifany, and it was a game-changer. The experience was quick, and the results were amazing. I've actually lost inches! The lymphatic compression is my favorite part, It has really helped to get rid of the bloat I get after a weekend of not so good choices.


Rating: 5 Stars

Tifany was very knowledgeable and professional. She built a treatment plan tailored to my needs and I couldn't be happier with my results!


Rating: 5 Stars

Beauty freak has been an amazing platform to contour my body and with their light therapy I am very happy to have a healthy hair and skin.


Rating: 5 Stars

Had the best service a customer can get! I have the most awesome Nurse, Sharon, whose very knowlegeable and answers all my queries. She is very friendly too. Their customer service is the best! Everyone is very nice. They will also try to accommodate requests and fit the services you want to your budget. Had a very pleasant experience with them.


Rating: 5 Stars

I am very pleased with the services I received. My results exceeded my expectations. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Cryo Body Sculpting.


Rating: 5 Stars

It was a great experience, great service and the treatment has worked really well, making me loose inches in different areas of the boy in two weeks . Sharon was really great and knowledgeable, explained how everything worked. I am very happy with the results


Rating: 5 Stars

Tifany is amazing. I have tried several thing's to lose my stomach area until I started doing Cryo Body Sculpting . I've been doing these treatments for several weeks, actually months because I took a break. I have notice so much change in my stomach area, even when I took a break. My clothes fits better, I look better and I feel better. I highly recommend to give it a try. You will be so pleased with the results.


Rating: 5 Stars

The ladies at Beauty Freak Tifany, Dixie and Sharon are such a wonderful, positive and fun loving group. You can tell they are passionate about their job. They explained the treatments and services that I was receiving, and the benefits of each , and made it a happy and comfortable place for me. Within 2 weeks of doing the body flush and cyro sculpting and red light, I was losing inches. I was feeling more energetic and radiant. I like their holistic approach to life. Tiffany offered advice on healthier eating choices which I will continue to practice. It was life changer for me and I hope others will go to experience as well.


Rating: 5 Stars

I was referred to Tifany from a friend. She is caring and always has the client's best interest at heart. From my first preliminary consultation to my last treatment, there are just not enough words to describe how pleased I am with my results. Tiffany performed the Kassen Cryo Shaping Sliming, Lymphatic Drainage Suit, and Ultra Sound Shaping on the area of my abdominal area. ###At 58 years old, and believing I am an athletic active woman, it has been difficult for me to deal with my abdominal area. Both Tiffany and Sharon are very thorough and professional. They did a fabulous job with explaining the different procedures and materials that were to be used. The staff was always welcoming and professional! ###Just yesterday, I put my 2 piece bathing suit on which I only wear for the hubby. I walked into my husband's office (at home) and he literally said, “whoa, those treatments really have worked!” He is always complimentary, however, the fact that he noticed a difference says everything you need to know. I have lost 8 pounds, lost inches, clothes are loser, but most of all, I feel wonderful and more confident! Thank you Tifany and Sharon, you are the BEST!!!


Rating: 5 Stars

I would leave ten stars if I could! Tiffany is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely wants to help you with your wellness goals. You can tell she really loves what she does! Based on my health concerns, she suggested a package of 11 lymphatic treatment sessions which I completed over the course of a month. I lost 7 pounds after my second treatment and have kept it off! I lost 3 inches off my lower abdomen and 1-1.5” everywhere else! I will definitely do another package in the future as it has helped my sleep, energy and BMs… I know, TMI but who doesn't love a great BM! Tifany and Sharon, and all the ladies at the center, are just so lovely! The center itself is super clean, relaxing and very welcoming… when you walk in, it feels like Cheers, but for health nuts. 10 stars for Beauty Freak!


Rating: 5 Stars

Lovely ladies that explained every procedure they offer.


Rating: 5 Stars

I really saw great results with Kaasen Therapy with Beauty Freak. Tifany and Sharon were great and so friendly! I lost over 15 inches from my bust to my hips during my 8 treatments. The whole staff at the Chilled Cryospa were so friendly and accomodating. I highly recommend this treatment if you are looking for an affordable treatment other than surgery for stubborn fat reduction and body contouring. You seriously won't regret it!!!


Rating: 5 Stars

I saw the ad for Beauty Freak on FB, I decided to stop one afternoon to check it out. I am so glad I did, in the first 2 weeks of signing up for the Body Flush and the Light Treatment I lost 10 total inches. I can't say enough about Tiffany the owner and her wonderful staff, they are amazing, personable, and very knowledgeable. If you are on the fence about trying something new to help you feel and look better, I say, "Go For It", I did!


Rating: 5 Stars

The ladies over here at Beauty Freak are amazing. Sharon is awesome! She has such an infectious positive attitude and so personable. She even gives me healthy tips to try at home. The owner is also very nice and offered me some great packages. The cryo sculpt service is intense, but very doable! Just wear a layer on the area you're not getting done and zone out! My results actually lasted too even when I was eating my worst in between treatments. Give it a try! You won't regret it!

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