Shrink your waist…in a half hour

Our Body Flush compression suit turbocharges your lymphatic system, immediately flushing retained fluids, toxins, waste, and fat cells (while it increases metabolism, reduces local fat storage, and boosts your immune system.)

It feels great and it makes you shrink. Yep, modern beauty tech rocks...take advantage.

Lose the water weight
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100% non-invasive
It's a compression massage suit designed to modulate the lymphatic system
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30- or 45-minute sessions
Fits perfectly into your weekly routine
no workouts and no sweat
No workouts required
Exercise is always recommended, but the Body Flush suit can fly solo with obvious, visible success
fat freezing is affordable
It's affordable
About the same cost as a typical massage

This cutting-edge beauty tech packs a powerful punch against bloat, water retention, puffiness, and cellulite. Turbocharge your body's natural fluid and waste control system!

The Body Flush may sound too good to be true...but truly, it's like magic.

Have the body you deserve.

The Body Flush

Reduce local fat storage, water retention, and puffiness, increase metabolism, and improve your body's natural fluid & cellular waste control system - with (enjoyable) lymphatic compression massage therapy. These sessions include relaxation in a compression 'suit', where computer-controlled air pressure is used to gently stimulate your body's lymphatic efficiency. Purified oxygen is also provided for an extra metabolism boost!

Lymphatic compression therapy stimulates and accelerates your body's lymphatic drainage system - which has an awesome list of health, wellness, and physical benefits:

Improve metabolism - during and after the massage.Immediately reduce fluid retention (i.e., water weight), puffiness, swelling, and cellulite.Lose inches around your waist, upper legs, and arms.Reduce lymphatic leakage, helping to reduce and prevent excess fluid retention and local fat storageIncrease your body's efficiency in removing pathogens, toxins, germs, and other bad stuff!It feels great!
Body Flush - lower body session

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