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4-inch loss guarantee
Shrink everywhere with a Body Flush Jumpstart—we guarantee you'll lose at least 4 inches total.
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Shrink Everywhere
The Guarantee

The Guarantee

The Body Flush Jumpstart—a relaxing 4-session package—gets results.

We guarantee that you lose at least 4 total inches as you flush retained fluids & toxins, boost metabolism, turbocharge your lymphatic system, and strengthen immunity.

We will refund your entire package if you don't lose 4+ inches.
(We won't charge extra if you lose 10.)

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The latest beauty tech

Lessen the struggle.

Sculpted beach body

Fat freeze

Target fat reduction without surgery, pills, or patience (ok maybe a little patience…weeks, not months.)

Emslim turbo tone abs

EMSlim Turbo Tone™

Define lines & add muscle without a workout. One session is like 20,000 crunches (or 20,000 kegels)

shrink your waist, arms, hips, legs - everything

Body Flush

Drop water weight, reduce bloat, and de-puff in a relaxing 45-minute session.

Red light therapy bed at Beauty Freak

Light Therapy

The ultimate beauty recharge: optimize everything from collagen production to bloodflow to metabolism

age-defying skin

Cryo Face Lifts

Reduce wrinkles, erase fine lines, and tighten up sagging & excess skin. All with zero recovery time

smooth, glowing skin

Cellulite Reduction

Smooth cellulite with cryo, LipoLaser, ultrasound, and RF

Smooth and healthy skin

Cryo Skin Cleanse

Accelerate healing, reduce the appearance of scars & stretch marks, and improve skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis

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