Cryo Face Lifts

Reduce wrinkles, erase frown lines, and perk up those cheeks! Tighter, brighter, age-defying skin is at your fingertips, right here in Richmond.

Non-invasive, no downtime, and nowhere near the cost of plastic surgery

6,500-watt light therapy bed

Transform Your Face, Elevate Your Confidence

Dive into the fountain of youth with our revolutionary Cryo Face Lifts. Right here in Richmond, discover the secret to tighter, brighter, and unmistakably age-defying skin—without invasive surgery or the inconvenience of downtime.

Erase the years

Say goodbye to wrinkles and frown lines, and hello to perked-up cheeks. Our cutting-edge cryotherapy technique revitalizes your skin from within, leaving you looking—and feeling—younger.

Achieve remarkable results without going under the knife.

Our Cryo Face Lifts offer a seamless, pain-free experience that fits into any lifestyle.


Experience the transformative effects of a face lift at a fraction of the cost. Our treatments are easily accessible, allowing you to invest in your self confidence without breaking the bank.

Have the reflection you deserve.

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100% non-invasive
No surgery, no pills, no shots, and no recovery time
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15-minute sessions
You have 15 minutes to look decades younger, right?
cryo face lifts are affordable
It's affordable
Especially when compared to plastic surgery

The Cryo Face Lift Treatment

Cryo facials treatments are quick, covering the forehead, around the eyes, nose, checks, and jawline–typically 15-20 minutes for the Cryo Face Lift or Neck & Chin Tighten, and 10 minutes for the Express Eye Lift.

For facials we apply apply CO2 vapor using a cone regulator nozzle, then finish the treatment with cold application via a light-pressure cold massage (this last part is like a wrinkle eraser.)

When the cold is removed, your body responds by expanding blood vessels in the target facial area – recharging your skin with nutrient-rich oxygenated blood. The result is tighter, brighter, younger–looking skin.

A cryo face lift treatment session
Cryo Face Lift Treatment

Benefits of a cryo face lift

Looking younger immediately…need we say more?

No surgery, no recovery, and no downtime.You'll leave with bright, glowing skin that keeps getting better each day (as the body delivers more collagen & elastin.)You determine how many years you want to roll back - treatment plans are tailored to your specific goals and may include anywhere from 1 to 10 sessions.You can get started today: you can have your first treatment on the same day as your initial consultation!A youthful, beautiful smile is priceless...but these treatments are truly affordable. Payment plans are also available.
Cryo Neck & Chin Tightening at Beauty Freak

Cryo Face Lift Before & After Photos

Cryo Face Lift

Fabulous Facial Rejuvenation

This lovely lady rolled back the years with a 6-session Fabulous Facial plan. From top-to-bottom on the side-by-side, notice the following spectacular changes:

  • Frown Lines (eyebrows) - the vertical line is essentially gone.
  • Dennie-Morgan Lines (under the eyes) - these are difficult, as the skin under the eyes is so thin…but we successfully reduced those deep folds to fine lines.
  • Frown Lines (mouth) - again a drastic improvement, though we did need a few more sessions to erase these completely.
  • Loose Neck Skin - check out that renewed skin! Nearly flawless!
Cryo face lift before and after
Before and after - (6) 15-minute cryo face lift sessions
Cryo Neck & Chin Tighten

Turkey Neck Triumph

Loose skin below the chin is a major detriment to a youthful appearance. Fortunately modern beauty tech provides an accessible, non-invasive solution to restore skin elasticity!

For this particular gentleman, we reduced the 'skin sag' by more than a half inch with just five 15-minute sessions. Periodic maintenance sessions are necessary to maintain improvements in this area.

Dramatic fat and loose skin reduction
Cryo Neck & Chin Tighten - 5 sessions

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