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Welcome to Beauty Freak, the crème de la crème of your new & improved self-care routine—where cutting-edge chic meets wellness willpower. It's not just about looking good—it's about feeling like the powerhouse you were born to be, with every curve, contour, and complexion curated with cutting-edge beauty tech.

Our vision is to create a unique space that not only offers the latest in beauty technology, but also fosters a community where we can work on ourselves to overcome the struggles against age, stress, and that damn reflection that won't cooperate. Our bougie boutique is designed to be a retreat from the stress of reality—where you work on yourself, you're treated like royalty, and you leave feeling confident, rejuvenated, and empowered.

Located in Richmond/South Katy just off 99, Beauty Freak is a haven for lovelies looking to increase and improve self image, self confidence, vitality, and longevity. From cutting-edge body sculpting and muscle stimulation to cellulite reduction and advanced light therapy—we have beauty tech to help you control your appearance like never before.

The fact is most women (and men!) are obsessed with their looks…and frustrated with their results. We're no different—come join our community!

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