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EMSlim Turbo Tone™

Add muscle definition on-demand with this revolutionary beauty tech—no sweat required! Visible definition in as few as four sessions!

emslim toned body
hard abs workout

20,000 crunches
…in 30 minutes

One 30-minute Turbo Tone Abs session equates to 20,000 crunches.

Try it for $79(normally $249!)

Turbo Tone™ is here! Say hello to the beach bod you truly deserve...and you can have it in just a couple of weeks!

EMSlim (also known as EMSculpt) uses electromagnetic energy to stiumulate high-intensity muscle contractions, in short 30-minute sessions, to build and tone muscle fast. It's cutting-edge, non-invasive body shaping technology.

Chisel your tummy, lift that butt, and shrink those thighs! It's perfect for sculpting, overcoming plateaus, winning the post-pregnancy battle, and even rebuilding strength in the pelvic floor.

No surgery, no anesthesia, no workouts, and absolutely no downtime. Sessions are a short 30 minutes, and most see results in as little as four sessions!

The revolutionary EMSlim technology is the ultimate, pain-free, non-surgical, no sweat solution for fast muscle definition.

Have the body you deserve.

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100% non-invasive
No surgery, no pills, no shots, and no recovery time
stopwatch to show fast sessions
30-minute sessions
Minimal time commitment - just 2 to 4 sessions at 30 minutes each
no workouts and no sweat
No workouts required
Just relax while the machine does the work for you

No time for workout classes? No problem.

EMSlim Turbo Tone™ is a breakthrough muscle toning technology that can generate dramatic muscle definition improvements in just 3-4 sessions (30 minutes each.)

These sessions utilize high-intensity focused electro-magnetic energy (HIFEM) to stimulate muscle contractions that far exceed what you can accomplish in the gym. The entire muscle is activated, thousands of times, instead of the uneven strain applied to muscle groups during typical exercise movements.

These supramaximal (i.e., above the maximum) muscle contractions result in a super intense, precisely-targeted workout—without the sweat and exhaustion!

EmSlim Turbo Tone abdominal treatment

No sweat and no downtime

It's the most relaxing workout you'll ever experience - you can literally read a magazine or browse on your phone during the session. No sweat, no weights, no running, and no recovery time.

Relaxing while toning with EMSlim
Relaxing during the Turbo Tone glutes treatment

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