Fat freeze
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Destroy fat on-target with cutting-edge fat freeze beauty tech.

Problem spots? Stubborn fat? Or just need a total core makeover? Target everything from bra fat to upper thighs and everything in between…or just unleash your true sexy self with a total core sculpt package.

No surgery, no sweat, and no downtime.

fat freezing success

Enough with the frustration & obsession—love your looks again.

The skinny struggle is real, and we all fight the battle in the real world. Diets and exercise don't always perform within our adult schedules, and who has time for plateaus?

Don't give up...give modern beauty tech a chance—and get back to loving life (and your reflection!)

Have the body you deserve.

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100% non-invasive
No surgery, no pills, no shots, and no recovery time
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15- to 30-minute sessions
Minimal time commitment - less than a few hours total
no workouts and no sweat
No workouts required
While we recommend them, your fat freezing results don't depend on any exercise prescription
fat freezing is affordable
It's affordable
Especially when compared to liposuction or other outdated body sculpting approaches.

The fat freeze treatment

Cryo body slimming sessions are quick - typically less than 15 minutes. Treatment packages may include anywhere from four to ten sessions depending on your slimming goals.

In these sessions we apply CO2 vapor to the target areas of your body, continuously moving in designated patterns. The CO2 vapor briefly drops skin temperature enough to break down underlying fat cells, after which these cells are absorbed by the lymphatic system, filtered by the kidneys, and eventually eliminated via the renal system.

Fat freeze treatment - stomach

Benefits of cryo fat freezing

Beauty Freak cryo slimming is a modern, high-efficiency solution to an age-old problem. That efficiency means better results, less time, and more affordability.

fat freeze abs treatment
Zapping the love handles

Fat Freeze Success Stories

Total Core Sculpt

Incredible waist reduction

Here we have a Total Core Sculpt (abs, obliques, and love handles) 5-treatment plan with dramatic success in eliminating subcutaneous fat all around her core. A tremendous amount of inches lost, and priceless self-confidence restored.

Total core sculpt major inches lost
Before and after - 5 Total Core Sculpt sessions
Total Core Sculpt

Dramatic belly fat and loose skin reduction

Another dramatic success story – this one with a 12-session Total Core Sculpt treatment plan. Outstanding, almost unbelievable results in both fat reduction and loose skin rejuvenation.

Dramatic fat and loose skin reduction
Total Core Sculpt - before, after 6 sessions, then after 12 sessions

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