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The Beauty Freak Mother's Day Gift Guide

Happy Mom 2024
Crown her the Goddess of Glow!

Mother’s Day is knocking, and it’s high time to ditch those last-minute flower bouquets for something that screams “you’re a rockstar, Mom!” Here at Beauty Freak, we offer an array of cutting-edge beauty tech—from body sculpting to red light bed therapy—to have every mom feeling like the queen she truly is. Whether it’s for the incredible woman who raised you or the fabulous mother of your kiddos, forget the spa basics; let’s crank up the glam with treatments that pack a punch!

Luxe Mother's Day Packages

  • Bright Eyes - $149
    Wake up those peepers! This all-star lineup kicks off with a Cryo Express Eye Lift, continues to curate with Light Panel Skin Repair, and wraps it all up with a squeeze from our Compression Therapy—oh, and let’s not forget the 2 oz. bottle of QÚL Skin Repair Complex. This is a secret weapon for turning tired eyes into twinkling stars.
  • Shining Star - $249
    Snag a $516 value that’s bursting with benefits. This package serves up a Cryo Face Lift and a Light Bed Session to light up her look, topped off with a Body Flush Wrap and a 2 oz. QÚL Hyaluronic Primer that’ll have her skin singing. It's like a full beauty reboot wrapped in relaxation.
  • Glow Goddess - $399
    Valued at a whopping $717, this is the MVP of Mother’s Day gifts. We’re talking a Glow Cryo Face Lift, Light Therapy Bed Beauty Recharge, a 1-hour Signature Myofascial Massage to knead away the knots, and a bottle of QÚL Glo Serum to keep the radiance rolling. Gift this, and you’ve just crowned her Goddess of Glow!

Gift-Worthy Treatments Galore

For those looking to mix and match or add a little something extra:

  • Tummy Sculpt ($349): A swift kick to stubborn belly fat, no sit-ups needed! Book Now
  • Upper Arms Slim ($349): Wave goodbye to arm jiggle with a session that targets fat faster than you can say “tank top season.” Book Now
  • Relaxation Compression Massage ($99): More unwinding, less unwrapping. This gift literally squeezes the stress away. Book Now
  • Cryo Skin Cleanse ($69): Cool down and clean up skin issues from acne to eczema. It’s a chill pill for her pores. Book Now

Indulgent Packages

Wanna really spoil her? Check out these deluxe combos for long-term glam:

  • Package of 6 Cryo Face Lifts ($1,099): Six sessions of face-lifting frenzy that’ll rewind the clock. Book Now
  • EMSlim Turbo Tone Series: From $599, get her muscles mimicking a gym junkie’s dream with zero effort. Book Now
  • Ultimate Lymphatic Reset ($4,499): The whole shebang of detox and rejuvenation—because she’s worth it. Book Now

And Yes, We Have Gift Cards!

Can’t decide? A Beauty Freak gift card is like letting her loose in a candy store of beauty and wellness options. It's the perfect choice for personalized pampering with our red light therapy beds, cryo face lifts, and more. Purchase a Gift Card

This Mother’s Day, let’s turn up the dial on decadence. Gift her something from Beauty Freak, and watch her strut her rejuvenated, fabulous self. Go ahead, make her feel as phenomenal as she truly is!

Last updated 04/23/2024

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